5 signs you are due for a kitchen remodel

5 Signs You Are Due for Kitchen Remodel

Your kitchen is the most loved and most used and abused part of your house. It is the heart of where the action is whether you are getting ready for work, kids for school, or entertaining guests. If you are on the fence on whether its time for a kitchen remodel here are the 5 most popular reasons why homeowners pull the trigger and start calling contractors for estimates

1. Not Enough Storage Space in Your Kitchen

By far this is the number one factor for those who decide to remodel and renovate their kitchen. Modern storage solutions make it easier to find the items and utensils you are looking for. New kitchen storage solutions can also make items more accessible

2. New Appliances & Energy Efficiency

It is common to wait until your kitchen appliance is on its last leg to replace it. Replacing your dishwasher or oven provides an excellent opportunity for a full kitchen renovation. There is the added bonus of saving money on your electric bill too. Modern appliances become more energy efficient every year.

3. It is a Nightmare to Upkeep and Clean

A new layout can provide fewer creases and corners for messes to hide in. Those that have tile countertops may want to upgrade with granite or marble and say goodbye to cracked tiles and dingy grout. Older floors are notorious for being difficult to keep clean. If you cleaned your floor and it looks just as dirty once it dries a kitchen renovation can provide new materials that are easier to clean.

4. Dysfunctional Kitchen Layout

There are three places where you perform your primary kitchen tasks: the sink, the oven, and the fridge. When you are cooking and preparing food you want your path between all three to be a triangle. In fact, that’s what remodelers call it. A  “kitchen work triangle”.  If you have an older kitchen it may just feel like a “kitchen work line” where you have to cross the sink to get to the fridge and then back to the oven. Once you work in a kitchen design with the kitchen work triangle design you will never go back.

5. Adding Value to Your Home

An updated kitchen remodel can add value to your home. The opposite is also true. A poorly designed outdated kitchen can also bring down the value of your home. If you are looking into selling or even renting your home a kitchen remodel is a great investment.  Investing in an updated kitchen is the easiest way to add instant value to your home.

6. BONUS REASON: Tired of the Old Look

Most of us feel like changing a look is an impractical reason for a kitchen remodel, but it is the most common reason. After seeing new kitchen remodeling ideas like a new kitchen island, or a beautiful tile backsplash, you may be inspired to make some modern updates to your kitchen.

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