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Should I Renovate my Kitchen?

If you are tinkering with the idea of a kitchen renovation, the short answer is yes. In many ways, the kitchen is the heart and soul of your home. This is where you get your day started for work, where kids do their homework and the inevitable hangout for party guests. The two biggest benefits of a kitchen renovation are an upgrade in functionality and long-term financial benefits. Let’s start with lifestyle upgrades first and then we will talk about the financial benefits at the end.

Upgrade Kitchen Functionality

The number one request for homeowners who want to renovate and remodel their kitchen is to increase storage. Even after you tried all these ideas to maximize your kitchen storage space there are permanent solutions to provide more storage space. A kitchen renovation can include a strategy to mix open shelving with traditional cabinets. Using custom cabinet inserts to help bulkier items (like larger pots and pans) accessible instead of trying to reach into a dark hole and fish for the item. Use drawers for dishware instead of cabinets. Adding specializing storage for items where you use them, like keeping spices closer to the stove instead of the pantry. Installing built-in appliances. This brings us to the other benefit of a kitchen renovation.

Up to Date Appliances

A renovation is a perfect time to upgrade your appliances. New appliances usually take up less room, work more efficiently and save money on electricity. For some, an upgrade in appliances during a kitchen remodeling is based on enhancing the overall look of a new kitchen—but there are many more benefits. As we mentioned earlier, and according to Consumer Reports, new kitchen appliances are more energy efficient, but they are functionally efficient too. Most modern appliances employ technologies that make cooking faster and simpler. Finally, for the environmentally conscious, you are helping reduce your carbon footprint and making the world a better place for the next generation.

Kitchen Renovations Increase Your House Value

All those benefits above increase the value of your kitchen. When you increase the value of your kitchen, it increases the value of your house., a home appraisal education website, suggests these 4 factors when determining the value of a kitchen. The size of the kitchen, custom cabinets or stock cabinets, material of the countertops, and special kitchen features like a backsplash or touch faucets.

The home appraiser is not the only one that determines the value of your newly renovated kitchen, it is also the next potential buyer. For example, according to, when they polled what homebuyers want most in a new home, 78% of the buyers are looking for an eat-in kitchen. An eat-in kitchen is simply adding a tablespace for eating in the kitchen. This space is not just for eating, but also for doing homework, work-work, or crafting. As a remodeling project, creating space for an eat-in kitchen is budget friendly—even if it requires knocking out a wall to create a bigger kitchen. Details like this can make your home more attractive to a buyer.

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