how much should a kitchen remodel cost

What Are Cost Factors for Kitchen Remodels?

When a contractor provides an estimate, they are going to factor in how much work will go into your kitchen remodel. They will consider size, any deadlines, how much of the infrastructure will get replaced, which appliances are staying, and then cabinet options and surface options for floors and counters. Before they hash out the details, they are going to look at the size.

Do you have a small, average, or large kitchen?

The average kitchen is about 100 square feet. This is also considered a mid-sized kitchen. Smaller kitchens are around 70 square feet and larger kitchens start at about 200 square feet.  The size of your new kitchen is going to be the starting point in factoring in a kitchen remodeling estimate.

Higher Investment Kitchen Remodels

We know that higher investment also means a higher price, but you truly are investing in the resell value of your home. We already mentioned how size is a factor, here are other items that can increase your investment.

  • Full tear down and replacement
  • Custom cabinets
  • Replacing with all new appliances
  • Premium floor products like solid wood
  • Premium Countertops like granite
  • Replacing the subfloor
  • Moving walls or other structural features.

Budget Sensitive Kitchen Remodels

A smaller kitchen is going to cost you less out of the gate. The amount of reconstruction is also going to factor in. Finally, your choice of materials can also help you stay within your budget. Here are some other factors.

  • Only replacing a few features like cabinets or flooring
  • You go with off-the-shelf vs custom cabinets
  • You are reusing your appliances
  • Standard grade flooring material like vinyl
  • Standard grade countertop material like laminate
  • No walls removal; no subfloor replaced

A Few Other Cost Factors for a Kitchen Remodel

Time is also a consideration. If a job needs to be expedited for any reason that could impact the cost. Vents are also something to consider. If you are moving a stove, you will also need to move the ventilation.

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