Bathrrom remodel tub or shower decision

Bathroom Renovation Walk-in Shower or Tub or Both?

Walk-in Shower or Tub?

The number one feature that will impact the look and layout of your bathroom renovation is whether to go with a walk-in shower or tub or both. There are a few things to consider when trying to decide. We go through the three considerations: space, budget, and aesthetics.

Is There Enough Room for a Tub?

The first question is an easy one. A tub is going to take up more space than a typical shower.  Depending on the style you choose a bathtub can take up to twice the size of a typical walk-in shower. If you go with a shower/tub combo it will typically take up the same space as just a tub.

Tubs Typically Cost less than Showers

This isn’t always true, again it depends on your choice of tubs and showers. On average showers typically cost anywhere from $50 more on the low-end to $2000 more on the high-end. When thinking of budget, you also want to consider resale value. Walk-in showers are trending in bathrooms attached to master bedrooms, and are perfect for empty nesters, but you will want at least one bathtub in the house in case a family with young ones wants to buy your home in the future.

Do Showers Have More Aesthetic Appeal?

A larger walk-in shower can provide you with a sense of luxury and elegance, but they become less impressive as they get smaller. However, even smaller showers have a modern sheik look. As the minimalist trend continues fiberglass showers can give you a blank canvas to accent your bathroom in other ways.


Real Estate professionals recommend having at least one bath in your master bathroom.  According to the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB), homebuyers prefer a master bath with a bathtub. As we mentioned earlier new families with children are looking for a full bath in their home. If you have the space, you should consider getting both. Then your bathroom can be considered in Real Estate talk as a complete bathroom suite.

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