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Counter Space In Your Kitchen Remodel 

Professional Kitchen Remodeling And More In Vancouver, WA 

Here at KC Remodeling, we believe that the people of Vancouver, WA should have easy access to the help they need to personalize their homes. If you have a vision for your home that you need help to realize, don’t hesitate to call on the KC Remodeling team. We’ll help you realize your vision for your next kitchen remodel, floor renovation, deck building, and so much more. 

Think About The Space You Have For Kitchen Remodeling 

Before kitchen remodeling can begin, Vancouver locals should take extra care in considering the space they have available in their kitchen. You want to be able to maximize both your kitchen storage space and the workable surfaces you have in your kitchen. Planning carefully now means you can avoid mistakes you might regret later. 

If you’re interested in learning from other people’s mistakes, read over these common kitchen remodeling mistakes as covered by Consumer Reports. 

What Size Island Do You Want In Your Kitchen? 

One of the many things the people of Vancouver, WA should consider when remodeling their kitchens is whether or not they want a kitchen island and how big that island should be. You want to make sure your countertop is big enough to be usable – as a surface for preparing and/or serving meals – but not too big for the space in your kitchen. In fact, Consumer Reports recommends that the width of kitchen islands be at least 3 feet, but no more than 10 ft. For depth, aim for at least 26 inches but no more than 48 inches.  

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